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Deedee, 17, Komaeda ruined my life. [not spoiler free]


all gif requests will be posted in august

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Okamoto to my Genma

"Man, was I ever surprised!”

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These two bring out the best in each other.

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Anonymous asked: Hello friend! You’re it! Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful(っ◕‿◕)っ hope you’re having a nice day

Thankkk u soooo muchhhhh :3

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Suzuya Juuzou » First Appearance 

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Tagged by Rian (grovylle) :3

1. Favorite movie? White chicks
2. Favorite comic book character? I dont read comic books so im just gonna do manga :) and its def komaeda (YES SDR2 HAS A MANGA FROM KOMAEDAS P.OV *sobs*)
3. Most annoying thing you always hear? Idk but if i hear anything about uni/college i’ll explode
4. Last book you read? Maybe looking for alaska? I dont remember
5. Favorite pokemon? I havent played pokemon in forever but i remember i used to like jigglypuff
6. Basketball or Soccer? Neither? Idk im so bad at both
7. Favorite blogs? Oh wow i have a lot mostly everyone i follow i cant think of anyone right now
8. Two things you love about yourself? I like helping people and i like my eyes? idk
9. Best manga artist? Ohm an yamato nase/nekota yonezou/sakuraga mei/narazaki neneko/kamon saeko and a hell of a lot more (theyre all yaoi mangakas hahah kill me)
10. Pokemon or Digimon? Idk pokemon?
11. Did you like the questions? Yup they were okay :)

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I threw away the idea of relying on others. That way, I could survive on my own. I’d be okay on my own. If I died, nobody would be sad. But that kind of life is lonely.

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Tagged by bakaagami :*

Name: Deedee
Birthday: October 8
Favorite color: Red
Lucky number: idk i dont have a lucky number im the unluckiest person alive tbh
Height: 5’4”
Talents: I can fit my fist in my mouth
Last dream you remember: The a.c wasnt working yesterday so i dreamt that i was burning
Can you juggle: i used to juggle small chairs with my feet when i was young (please dont ask)
Art/sports/both?: i suck at everything
Do you like writing: lol im so bad
Do you like dancing: HeLL yeaH
Do you like singing: no tbh

Dream vacation: I’ve already went everywhere i wanted to go so it doesnt matter :)
Dream guy/gal: Anime wise: usui takumi (bonus if he had black hair ugH) but irl definitely nicholas hoult hot fucking damn
Dream wedding: I havent thought about it
Dream Job: Director
Favorite song: The newly released bts songs i lovE them a
Favorite albums: omg idk i have a lot
Least favorite song: ??
Least favorite album: ?? None probably
Least favorite artist: idk tbh

Preferences Guys/girls/both: Guys
Hair color: Dark hair HellyeaHHHH
Eye color: I dont really care but i have a weakness for hazel eyes
Humorous/serious: In between
Taller/shorter: Tall
Biggest turn-off: show offs ew
Biggest turn-on: The way they dress ohhhyahhh

Im sorry i cant tag anyone since im on mobile right now :*

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hello everyone! i reached 1.5k followers a couple of days ago,
 and as a way to sort of show my love and appreciation for all
of you, i’ve decided to make a follow forever!
i know it’s not a lot, but i admire each and every one of you very much,
so here it is, thank you all for being awesome and keeping my dashboard beautiful!
p.s; sorry for the ugly graphic
akihitou || ayatoh || akashis || asukia || ackernam || altairis ||
akkiseru || atsush-i || akiikos || akahito || bertholdts ||
bakamura || baiko || || bmsneko || baiko || chibiheichous ||
chizusu || chizuyus || cieled || ciehl || dearestsoul ||
duraraara || durararas || dandere
gasaisyuno || garekiz || ggioh || garekis || gareeki ||
gaarakagez || hachikenz || harukase || hawuka || haou ||
hahamiya || hamatora || heckyeahdeathnote || hhiyorin ||
hikaritsu || hayasakas
imayoshishouichi || itechi || juuzzou || judalz || junnkos ||
kisacchii || karukocchi || kurocchii || kakurei || kuurikaras ||
kanneki || kazusas || k-isecchis || kageayama || kagiris ||
kanekiis || kurokucchi || k-omaedas || keiko-chan
|| kanekih || kisetsune || kougyoren || lavihs
mukoros || maiyru || mawaruu || moemoekyuuun ||
nezumura || naruzumake || oureki || oruobozado ||
oumoi || phantonhives
rinkakuz || rikukazin ||| senj0ugahara || shreya-chan ||
ssousuke || sakouras || seiijuro || scuttmcall || sousukez ||
sagararei || shuzuya || seijuros || shitty-brat || satsuyo ||
rainnieday || titsuyas || tsukeis || tokiiniame ||
tobiramas || tetsurouz
unaify || yamazakis || yumirz || yamazakin ||
yatoli ||| zetsueen || zeetsubou || z0ro
i want you to know that i admire every single one of you,
and i really wish i could put all of you in this follow forever,
but i can’t.
well, you’re technically in my follow forever because you just have to be in the blogroll
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Anonymous asked: u so pretty!◕ ‿ ◕

thankkkk uuu so muchhhh!! :3

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Sugamama showing his children some love
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To win, you have to attack.
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52 faces of ken kaneki.
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