Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last FF lol, so I decided Id make one for my birthday which is today, October 19th! I’m 14 now lol. *so young* Well yea I also hit 6.5k followers half way to 7k :D! Thanks so much for all the ask I appreciate them all even if I respond with the same response, it still means a lot that you took time out to say happy birthday to me ^^ - Sorry if I misspelled any URL’s ^^’ -
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"I’m Lucky.
    I’m just a Servant.”
bloodstained-komaeda asked: i saw that ask you replied to and. bless the komahinas tbh.

my life is literally revolved around komahina bless those island boyfriends <3

ABC of Free! 》C
↳ Child, children of Free!

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"That sounds kind of villainous…”
Villainous, huh? That’s fine. After all, crows are sort of villainous, aren’t they?
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Anonymous asked: oh no i mean is you can keep the tag you already have i just have komahina on my blacklist is all so i was just asking

oh alright, if u dont want any komahina on ur dash from me just blacklist island boyfriends although who would blacklist the most beautiful ship smh

Anonymous asked: can you pls tag your komahina pls

Uhh i do tag my komahina though :/ the tag is island boyfriends

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incredibly cool au set in 2008

 | クリスタ・レンズ    ストリア・レイス |  
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Remember us… Remember that we lived.
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Karasuno High’s Volleyball Club:
Shouyou Hinata: #10

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it’s meaningless without you

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Hinakawa Shou | Psycho Pass S2 e.2

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Risa Aoyanagi • Episode 2

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historia reiss as a child appreciation post